Posted by: misshavy | November 16, 2008

a new me

I’ve been talking for some time about cutting my hair once all the wedding madness has passed.  It’s not completely over just yet, but I decided to make a trip to the salon to darken my hair for winter.  I decided to go black for the first time in several years.  I’ve had some variation of brown with highlights for the past 2 years since I began growing my hair out for the wedding.  In addition to the new color, I got 8 inches of hair chopped off.  I wouldn’t necessarily say my hair is short, but it’s definitely shorter than what it was.  It’s refreshing to have a new look after so long.  My hair feels healthier and much lighter.  It’s going to take some getting used to – especially for my poor husband who already misses the long hair.  Needless to say, I feel great and will continue changing my hair every few months.  I think I’ll stick with this dark color for awhile though.  Pictures soon.

Posted by: misshavy | October 31, 2008

another day..another wedding..

My sister got married a few weeks after I did at the Embassy Suites in Old Town Alexandria.  Her and her husband did a wonderful job planning an intimate ceremony and reception for a little over one hundred guests.  I wanted to share a collage of some photos Sitha & Inhar took of their special day.  They did another great job with the photography and editing (as they did with our engagement photos).  Kudos to S & I 🙂

Posted by: misshavy | October 23, 2008

wedding part ii

The day came and went so fast I didn’t realize it’s been over a year since my husband proposed.  It was Oct 19, 2007 that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Fast forward a year and 4 days later we’re married and enjoying our life together.

I haven’t got my photos back from our photographer just yet, but she did send me one to hold me over until she finished editing all the photos.

I love this photo.  My husband and I have matching pairs of Jack Purcell® Converses, so we wanted to do a cute photo with us wearing the same shoes.

We’ve decided to host a wedding reception to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends who didn’t attend our destination wedding.  I have roughly two months to organize and prepare for this.  Slightly rushed, but I want to keep it very simple, which I hope I can handle in two months time.

For starters I’ve just put in an order for our wedding invitations.  A simple monogram invitation from  Hopefully I can get our invites sent out with ample time for our guests to RSVP.

Posted by: misshavy | October 8, 2008

a few wedding shots

Just like every other day, there was not enough time in the day on September 28th, 2008 — our wedding day.  Thankfully the weather the whole week was gorgeous, we had rain one evening during the week, but it was only for an hour or two.

There were tons of items I bought for the wedding which we ended up not using.  I either forgot to use them or we didn’t have enough time to set it up.  Shepherd hooks on the beach weren’t used, which I was looking forward to since I got such a good deal on them at Pottery Barn.  In turn we didn’t use the large mason jars for flowers.  I also bought a few miscellaneous items we never got around to using.

Our ceremony was very intimate, we had a few unwelcomed guests (bugs!) but overall it was a very sweet, loving ceremony.  Afterwards we went back to our house for drinks, food and some football (Redskins vs Dallas), a very casual affair.  Below are a few shots from the day taken by friends and family, stay tuned for our professional wedding shots.

Now that we’ve had our wedding, I can share one of our wedding favors that I absolutely adored.  These ‘Better Together’ magnets – bought from – were customized with our names above each of the lovely items, which much like us, are better together.

Posted by: misshavy | October 4, 2008

Cupcake Stand

I wanted to share the end result of my cupcake stand since I’ve spent so much time documenting its conception.

My sister-in-law and cousin put the trim and ribbon on the remainder of the stand once we were at the beach house.  I have to say, I am very proud of my very first DIY project.  I’ve done small projects here and there, but this was the first project I’ve been so invested in, especially since this was for our wedding.

We were planning to have an 8 inch cake topper at the top of the stand, but there was some miscommunication with our order so it didn’t work out the way we hoped.  Either way, it looked great with a few cupcakes at the top.

Posted by: misshavy | September 29, 2008

We’re Married!!!

There were a few hiccups here and there, but at the end of the day our family was there to witness us become man and wife, which is the most important part of the day.  Pictures to come..

p.s – Married life is great <3.

Posted by: misshavy | September 24, 2008

wedding freak out!

I picked up my wedding dress last week.  The day I picked it up I tried it on at the shop and at my house later that night.  Everything looked and fit great.  I try it on today, since I happened to get home before Rich, and I felt like I was swimming in my dress.  I’ve lost noticeable weight these past few days, and not on purpose.  I haven’t ate any differently or had a drastic lifestyle change, but my wedding dress is now too big for me.  Mainly through my hips, thighs and knees.  I’m finding all this out 3 days before my wedding.  I’m usually all for losing weight, but not when I need to fit into a mermaid style wedding gown 😦  I’ve spent the last 30 minutes frantically calling around to see if it was possible to get my dress taken in by Friday evening.  Of course I was shot down by several tailors who need more than two days to work their magic.  I decided to call Ann, and bring my dress back tomorrow morning.  Hopefully we can get the dress fixed in time.  I’m freaking out!  All this time I was worrying about being too large for my dress, and it turns out the stress has caused me to be way too small for it.

So lesson learned for those with a mermaid wedding gown, wait until the few days before the wedding for the last fitting.  Sigh..

Posted by: misshavy | September 23, 2008

cupcake update

I was finally able to find all the pieces to our DIY cupcake stand.  I spent more time focusing on this cupcake stand than any other wedding tasks.  For some reason I have an invested interest in completing it the exact way I want.  Having said that, I’ve searched far and wide for paper lace doilies and the perfect paper to cover my cake bases.  Last week I was starting to panic when I couldn’t find the doiley I had in mind.  With the help of wonderful friends I found an online store that shipped me the product in less than 2 days.  On to the paper.  I went through 3 rolls of paper before settling on our current design.  The paper wasn’t the only piece I changed out, I also replaced several rolls of yellow ribbon on our cake dummies with wider navy ribbon.  Here is an updated pic.  I haven’t assembled all the pieces or the doilies just yet.  I’m waiting until we arrive at the beach house to assemble everything, in case it crumbles in the car ride down to NC.

Another 5 days until the big day!! Eeeeeek!

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I understand now how any nice and generally happy individual can transform into an overbearing, controlling, bossy bridezilla.  I don’t think I’ve crossed that bridge yet, but I can see all those not so nice feelings on the horizon.  I have roughly 12 days until we say our “i dos”.  I took a few hours off this morning to pick up my wedding dress and order our flowers.  Our flowers of choice are tulips and calla lilies.

I continue to have issues with our DIY cupcake stand.  There are probably more important issues at hand, but I can’t seem to get past the cupcake stand.  At this point I have the cake dummies, cake bases and ribbon, but I can’t find the perfect paper lace doilies.  I don’t have much time to spare, so I will probably need to settle for a close alternative. Here’s a pic of our stand (early stages):

I’m thinking about swapping out the yellow for navy which is a bit more subtle.  Hopefully by tomorrow our stand will start to really come together.

Posted by: misshavy | September 11, 2008

A mini wedding break

I have 3 weeks left until our wedding.  This is serious crunch time.  I have a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up.  The last place I need to be is in Orlando, Florida for a week.  Which is exactly where I am.  I type as I sit on the deck of my Ritz Carlton hotel room overlooking the Grande Lakes and the Ritz Carlton golf course.  As much as I dreaded being away from wedding planning when it needed me the most, I love it here.  I was secretly hoping this trip would be canceled or postponed so I could get in some much needed wedding planning, but now that I am here, I realize how much I needed time away.  I should be home assembling our cupcake stand, or sending out payment to our vendors, or finding battery operated paper lanterns, but I’m here soaking in everything the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot has to offer.  Relaxation at it’s best.

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